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Flobbity Blob!

Flobbity Blob!

I was sitting in the supermarket car park today listening to the radio, as you do, when I realised that virtually every woman I saw was HUGE!

What the fuck is going on in our society? It seems to be mostly women (and unfortunately their poor kids) that are grossly overweight. You don't see that many fat blokes.

Anyway, I'd say that about 80% of the women going into the supermarket were obese - not just pleasantly plump but fucking ginormous!

I could kill another burger...

I watched a documentary recently about blokes who get off by getting their women to be so fat that they're 100% dependant on them - "feeders". Well, I don't know about you but I like my women to have some flesh on the bones but this is ridiculous.

The other theory is that by getting really fat these women are actually avoiding sex - if that's true then their men need to get their act together!

So ladies throw away the chocolate biscuits and get them off - I can't think of a more efficient (and fun) way to lose all that excess weight


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