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Crystal amber Decorated Teeth

You watch over the surrounding teeth pasted on the metal sequined more people, especially the young population? This is a decoration? No, this is done in orthodontic teeth.40-60%,Along with the development of human civilization and the diet change, the human mandible degradation, human dentition missing the incidence has been as high as 40-60%, dentition missing persons affected chewing and pronunciation function, and directly affects people's appearance, as well as the emotional impact and character. Teeth orthodontic more attention.

During summer vacation, Xiaoshan Dental Hospital will see an upsurge of orthodontic teeth.1000 Orthodontic Branch Hospital received more than 1,000 requests counseling and corrective dental students.Correction teeth, in many cases, the need for extra teeth extraction hyperplasia can be re-aligned.Many patients have a same worry : worry about their teeth pulled out whether it will affect their chewing function, to see whether they will harm themselves? In addition, the teeth as your body is something you receive from your parents and inborn, in their physical and stripping us at the moment that some portrayed the Unwilling.

Practice shows that the extraction will not be any harm.As crowded teeth missing, the arch length is very limited, teeth protrusion all need space, both extraction, the medical called "subtrahend treatment." We normal people should have 28-32 teeth, in order to correct their teeth and pulled out four teeth, then the remaining 24-28 teeth, this number sufficient to meet our needs chewing function, it would not only benefit oral health, but also will increase the efficiency of patients chew.
In addition, Xiaoshan Dental Hospital learned that orthodontic patients for the extraction of these teeth, treasure, is also to give up, and they also expect patients to keep a permanent teeth, those teeth disinfected after producing amber, crystal ornaments, such as bracelets, ever, so these and physical separation of teeth in a more beautiful forms were born and cooperation with them, and their teeth can decorate their personal life, a personal interpretation of fashion. Such crystal, amber ornaments teeth is the most important in the country.

This means the preservation of teeth by many patients welcome, especially those who love the young patients.According Xiaoshan Dental Hospital, all of Xiaoshan Dental Hospital orthodontic patients can be produced for free "dental amber, crystal ornaments."
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