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Miracle triplets act as bridesmaids and pageboys at parents wedding

A happy couple had a dream wedding present when the triplets they feared they would never have were bridesmaids and page boy on their big day.

Tim and Kayleigh Stevenson were thrilled when the trio were born a year ago because he thought he could never father children after having leukaemia as a boy.

Identical twins Olivia and Caitlin and their brother Finley were the icing on the wedding cake for their mum and dad when they tied the knot at Norwich Register Office.

Kayleigh, 22, said: "The little ones made all our dreams come true. We feel so lucky as we didn't think we would have any children and then we suddenly got three.

"It was perfect to have them at our wedding, they looked lovely in their little bridesmaid and page boy outfits.

"But it was so hot they only had them on for about two hours and spent the rest of the day in just their nappies."
All smiles: proud parents share their special day

Tim, 28, a mechanic from Little Plumstead, Norwich, was hit by leukaemia in November 1981 aged three.

In 1981 and 1982 he had radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, and continued having other treatment until he was eight years old.

Doctors said Tim no longer needed to have check-ups when he was 13. But they warned his mother, schoolteacher Janet, that he would never have children as a result of his treatment.

Yet just a month after they starting trying for a baby, Kayleigh - whose maiden name is Brown - fell pregnant. It was at her 12-week scan that the couple discovered they were having triplets.

The trio were born by Caesarean section 10 weeks prematurely on August 30, because doctors were worried about the health of the smallest baby, Olivia.

Caitlin weighed just 3lb 3oz, Olivia a mere 2lb 11oz with Finley the heaviest at 3lb 7oz when they were born.

Now, as they approach their first birthday, all three are bright and bubbly and doing well.
Dressed up: triplets look the part for wedding ceremony

Kayleigh said: "You can see they have different personalities already. Caitlin is the one with a little bit of attitude, Finlay is very laid back and Olivia is really cheeky.

"I don't find it too hard with three as long as we all stay in our routine. They were very hard work on the wedding day, though, they were all over the place."

The Stevensons have found there is one downside to getting married while they have three young children - it makes it impossible to go on honeymoon.

Kayleigh said: "Not a lot of people want to look after a baby, let alone three. They are quite a handful so we have decided to wait and perhaps go on honeymoon when they get a little bit older."


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