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Aurel is The Human Magnet

SOME guys have a kind of animal magnetism – but amazing Aurel Raileanu finds just about ANYTHING will stick to him like glue.

The Romanian hospital worker, known as The Human Magnet for his extraordinary ability, can even make a 50lb TV set cling to his chest without the aid of wires, blue or string.

He can pick up electric irons using just his skin’s bizarre ability — and he can clear a table of cutlery faster than an army of waiters.

Now Aurel, who lives in a run-down area of the Romanian capital Bucharest, is building a career on his strange abilities.

When he isn’t glued to the telly, he works as a kineto-therapist — using the healing qualities of his powers to help people recover from accidents.

The 40-year-old bachelor, who lives with his mum, claims he doesn’t know how he becomes a magnet for objects.

But he explains that first he focuses his mind on something, then releases the feeling of magnetic attraction that makes even the heaviest item stick to him.

Aurel wrote to The Sun describing his mysterious ability — which he says he has had for many years — and included a set of incredible pictures.

So, after we invited him to give us an exclusive demonstration, he showed us the telly trick.

First he concentrated to focus his powers as he leaned towards the TV, then he was able to stand with it stuck to his chest, where it stayed as he walked around the room.

The TV remained hanging off him for several minutes until he finally grabbed it and prised it free — and then only with difficulty.

Next Aurel repeated the move, this time using a big piece of wood studded with nails.

He admits he cannot explain his gift, which allows many objects — not just metal — to stick to his chest, neck and forehead.

He says: “I tend to keep it secret from people in my home town because I am afraid of being branded a freak in their eyes.

“I might have had a sort of magnetism since I was a child, but it wasn’t until about six years ago that I realised the objects would stay as if glued on to me.

“At the time I was wearing a fairly heavy necklace and the clasp broke. I saw it in the mirror — it was open and yet still stuck to my neck. I became curious about this and tried it with other objects — spoons, books, lighters and even the TV set, which is kind of heavy. They all stuck to me.
“But the magnetism only works on bare skin. It is when I go to the doctor that it becomes a little funny, because the stethoscope gets stuck to my chest.”

Stories of “magnetic people” have occurred throughout history.

The best-known from recent years were Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkaev, his wife Galina, daughter Tanya and grandson Kolya.

One year after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster they found they could make metal objects stick to their bodies.

Leonid can hold objects weighing up to 50lb on his chest.

Doctors in Russia and Japan appear to have been convinced that the Tenkaevs’ abilities are genuine.

In 1991 an impressed Dr Atusi Kono told reporters: “There is absolutely no doubt that the objects stick as if their bodies were magnetic.”
A year earlier the Superfields conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, attracted 300 such “human magnets” after a young woman, Marinela Brankova, demonstrated her powers on television by supporting a 15lb weight from her vertical palms.

One Bulgarian woman, Victoria Petrova, even entertained delegates by making objects move about her body in time to music.

But so far Aurel has been less keen on the limelight and says he has avoided talking too much to people about his unusual gift.

He adds: “I have only told my close friends about it and they are amazed when I demonstrate it.

“So far I have not looked for a professional to explain my gift to. I am a bit scared by the reactions it might provoke.

“I worried about this for many years but now I have decided to bite the bullet and exploit my gift.

“Maybe it would be interesting to go on television shows or to have my magnetism researched by scientists.”

But Aurel would have to see any boffins in person.

He explains: “I can’t use a mobile phone too easily — it tends to stick to my head!”



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