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Aussie penis painter's

VISITORS to the opening day of Sexpo in South Africa today were treated to live demonstrations by Australian artist Tim Patch, alias "Pricasso," of his penis paintings of famous global figures.

Neither US President George W Bush, former British prime minister Tony Blair nor former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi were spared the rod as a naked but for a top hat Patch hammered out a series of surprisingly realistic depictions.

Lengthy queues had formed outside the Gallagher Estate in Midrand outside Johannesburg by mid-morning on the first day of the first sex-themed fair in a country with a puritanical past under apartheid.

The organisers of Sexpo Johannesburg have said they hope to attract 30,000 visitors to the four-day show that originated in Australia, which features a mix of workshops, exhibition stands and live performances.

Patch has painted portraits of some of the worlds most famous people including George Bush and Queen of England.


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