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Big Milk Guzzler Challenge Guinness World Record

Thousands of people took part in a milk-drinking contest in Hohhot on Monday during the First International Milk Industry Festival.

As the First International Milk Industry Festival opened Monday in Hohhot, capital of northern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, thousands of people took part in a carnival on site by drinking as much milk in the shortest time as they can just to challenge the Guinness World Record.According to Star Daily reports, one of ten biggest milk guzzlers won the championship of “the fastest milk drinker”, by having 1.5 kg milk within just over 10 seconds.

China has become the largest new milk market in terms of total production, ranking the third in the world after America and India. The two largest milk producers in Hohhot - Mengniu and Yili, combine together and make the city the largest milk output city in the world with its annual milk output of 7 million tons.


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