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Amazing Pictures of a Dolphin Giving Birth

It is one of the most awe-inspiring sights in nature.

These amazing pictures show a dolphin giving birth to its calf, which is born tail first and, within moments, is swimming happily with its mother.
Nearly there: The dolphin is born tail first

Wildlife photographer Leandro Stanzani, who has seen 11 dolphin births, was delighted to capture the moment on film.

"To take good pictures is not easy," he said.

"Most births happen during the night when light is poor. Sometimes water quality is poor, sometimes other dolphins are in the middle."

In a cloud of blood the dolphin calf is free

The bottlenose dolphin was born in a pool at the Oltremare Park in Rimini, Italy.

The normal gestation period for dolphins is 12 months and the birth can take anything from minutes to hours.

Happily swimming side by side with its mother the baby dolphin is instantly at home in the sea

Young dolphins live closely with their mother for up to six years but the calf is not likely to see its father as male dolphins are not involved in the raising of offspring.

Bottlenose dolphins are known for their friendliness and curiosity towards humans.


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