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Man Steamed Alive For 45 Minutes

a medium who claimed that he had been possessed by the Monkey God sat in a covered wok of boiling water and withstood the steam-filled environment for 45 minutes.

By the time the extra-tall lid of the wok was removed, the five frozen whole chickens which had been placed in the wok had already been thoroughly cooked. However, not only was the medium unhurt, he even rebuked those staff members who had opened the lid. The 300 believers who witnessed the sight were amazed.

The event (which took place in Ipoh) was officiated by Grandmaster Qingshui from Bahau. He was accompanied by two disciples – Xia Fuan and Xia Fulai. It was 52-year-old Xia Fuan who had sat inside the covered wok of boiling water, braving the scalding steam for 45 minutes.

To prepare for the event, staff members first poured plain water into a large wok that was three feet in diameter. They then put five frozen whole chickens into the water. Next, they placed a round wooden board (which is an inch thick) on top of the wok, and then stacked tied-up bundles of joss paper onto the board to make a sort of cushion for the medium to sit on.

At 9 pm on the night of the event, Grandmaster Qingshui faced the four cardinal points of the compass and paid obeisance with offerings of incense and joss paper. At the same time, he also recited mantras, beat on a drum and sounded a gong. He then sprinkled tea leaves, salt and rice into the wok.

30 minutes later, the medium who was said to have been possessed by the Monkey God began acting like a monkey, walking, scratching himself and crying out loudly like one. Holding a metal rod in his hand, he walked out of the place of worship and surveyed his surroundings for about 15 minutes before reentering and beginning the performance.

After the medium sat down on the cushion of joss paper bundles, staff members covered the wok with a lid and then began burning wood under the wok to bring the water inside to a boil and cook the chickens.

When staff members removed the lid of the wok 45 minutes later, the medium strode out of the wok amidst clouds of steam without any sign of injury on his body. He even expressed his dissatisfaction in Hokkien, saying that his master had opened the lid too early.

The reporter on the scene observed that the water inside the wok had been brought to a boil. The five chickens that were drawn out from the water by the workers had also been thoroughly cooked.

Qingshui said that this skill could be taught to outsiders and even girls. However, to date he has only taught it to the 2 brothers Xia Fuan and Xia Fulai.

He said that he and his two disciples regularly perform the feat. However, due to the extremely dangerous nature of the performance, no insurance company has ever been willing to insure them. They can only be careful and try to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Qingshui said that he began studying under his master in China when he was 15 or 16 years old, and he learned this skill from his master. According to him, when he was 25 years old, he decided to spread awareness of the skill to more people. In order to do so, he began traveling and performing all over Malaysia, including in Johor, Kuantan, Bahau and other places. He has given more than 100 performances.

He said that 33 years ago, he had gone to Singapore to take part in an Asian regional contest of superhuman feats. His skill of being “steamed alive” and emerging unharmed won him 2nd place in the contest.

Master Qingshui added that sometimes a medium’s skin will turn red and swollen due to the steam in the wok. However, they have never failed to carry out the stunt or gotten injured. The mediums will abstain from having sex and consuming meat or wine 10 days before the performance so as not to negatively affect the outcome.



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