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Skills Challenges Guinness

Cycling surprising performances Hoping Zhou Changchun.

Take two beautiful women wearing-the-pound copper is still walking free shoes.

(Guojijiang) a 123 kg copper running shoes, turning each shoe can be on an equal weight to stop her; Milk in three bags on the marble by hand trauma Stone, milk does not leak; Within minutes a fine as human hair pulled out of noodles, noodles can also wear several needling nose Lane; Reversing biking, a person riding three cars, bicycles circled do ... Thomas yesterday, the first China Folk Culture Festival skills challenges Guinness in Xiqiao Hill continued to play, unsuitable Prince Di tree red, Chinese noodles magnate Li Peng, the world iron shoes is Wang Hui Zhang, cycling surprising Zhou Changchun, the 100 surprising Easter lakes, Lake Park days in a modest exhibition

Tires stood four individuals, Zhang Hui is still with inflatable tires for the nose.


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