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the world's largest chicken rice bowl

Chiayi City yesterday organized challenge the world's largest chicken rice bowl of fire activity, mining relay manner, Vice Mayor Li Kui (right) busy-hot chicken rice to the residents to share.

According to Taiwan media reports, Chiayi City government yesterday held "Lan Tan Daya Broadwood trilogy activities", which challenges the world "most Haiwan" Fire chicken rice most striking, organizers night cooking 10 turkeys with 300 jin rice, the residents symbolic relay cooperation completed, the public yesterday queuing competing snatch hot fire authentic chicken rice, claimed satisfied.

The venues chosen Chiayi City with AGB bamboo junction, the building from the city and led his unit to the Secretary Xuyongcan will diameter of 180 公分 180 centimeters 、高 High 120 公分 120 centimeters "Haiwan"扛上stage, followed by Dongchuan, short bamboo, bamboo and long Lu Clan 4, more than 200, together will make the biggest fire chicken rice bowl of ingredients needed to send admitted successor way .

Chiayi City Food union chairman Huang Chao said, these ingredients including 300 jin white rice, 10 fire chicken, and other Haiwan spent a total of 150,000 yuan, yesterday morning 5:00 start cooking, spent four hours cooked, provide 750 human consumption, this Haiwan cask alone spent one and a half months time.


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