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Five worst jobs around the world

1. Roadkill Remover
To keep the highways safe, states hire people to get all sorts of animals hit and killed by motorists off the road. But more often than not, wheels of other vehicles and the scorching heat of the sun get to the roadkill first, leaving rotting and maggoty flesh splattered all over for roadkill removers to collect.

2. Odor Tester

Before deodorants and anti-perspirants are released into the market, manufacturers employ people who test if these products actually work. Translation: these people smell other people’s armpits for a living.

33. Garbage collector
Not much needs to be said about this job. Just look down your garbage bin, and you know what these people deal with on a daily basis.

44. Manure Inspector
You think being a scientist is a glamorous job? Then you probably didn’t know about scientists who are dedicated to eliminating deadly contaminants such as E.coli and salmonella. To figure out a way to do so, these scientists will have to go to the source—animal crap—and wade knee-deep in it, all in the interest of science

15. Sex Toy Factory Employee

They can't get no respect.



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