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Most Beautiful Butterfly Selected in Taiwan

The troides magellanus, or Magellan's Iridescent Birdwing was selected as the most beautiful butterfly in a recent web contest in Taiwan.

The rare papilionoidae species buttergly, which is unique in Taiwan and often looks like a "Flying Pearl", was voted number one beautiful butterfly in an island-wide one-month-long vote that started from November 3. The most beautiful butterfly bagged over 247,000 votes from among 3.7 million online ballots the vote had mobilized from 23 counties and towns in Taiwan.

So far, there are only 2,000 such butterflies left in the world, with some 1,500 habitating in Taiwan.

The troides magellanus is noted for their use of limited-view iridescence: the yellow of the dorsal hind wings is modified by bright blue-green iridescence which is only seen when the butterfly is viewed at a narrow, oblique angle.



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