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Golf-ball Swallowing Python Undergoes Surgery

1In this undated photo released by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday, Jan. 3 2008, a keeper holds a carpet python snake that swallowed four golf balls after mistaking them for chicken eggs at Currumbin on Australia's Gold Coast.
A python in Currumbin, Australia, had to undergo surgery after swallowing golf balls it apparently mistook for chicken eggs.

According to a veterinarian, a couple had placed the balls in their chicken coop to encourage their hen to nest.

Last month, they found the golf balls missing and a lumpy python nearby.

The couple took the 32-inch non-venomous snake to a wildlife sanctuary where the balls were surgically removed.

"It's the first golf balls we've ever cut out of anything," said Michael Pyne, senior veterinarian at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Currumbin, Australia. "I think this snake thought he was getting a free feed, but (that) wasn't the case."

The snake is making a speedy recovery.



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