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World's hairiest dog

With this much hair you can't always count on a clear view.

But new mum Kyra sees to it that every one of her nine Komondor pups gets plenty of rest.

Her large brood - of which six are featured here - has given a fluffy boost to the British population of this rare breed.
World's hairiest dog gives birth
Milk time: Kyra's pups try crowd in for a feed

Until two-year-old Kyra's litter was born there were only 40 Komondor dogs registered in the UK.

They are known as 'the ultimate sheep-dog' in Hungary, their country of origin.

Growing up to 80lb, they could fight off wolves and bears and their thick hair protected them from bites.

Owners Gareth and Debi Young, of Newquay, Cornwall, said they were astonished that Kyra produced so many pups, each worth more than £1,000.
World's hairiest dog gives birth
Happy and hairy: Rare breed Kyra the Komondor dog with her nine pups in Newquay, Cornwall

Mrs Young, 48, said: 'A typical litter is around four.' She added: 'I think the dogs are so rare because they are very hard to breed, and are also quite a lot of work.'

The couple plan to sell eight of the litter. Mr Young, 39, a fitness coach, said: 'Whoever buys them needs a good-sized garden and good grooming skills.'

Once the puppies are between six and nine months old, their downy coat will change into the mass of dreadlocks seen on the adults.
World's hairiest dog gives birth
Exhausting: Owner Debi Young holds one of the pups as its mum takes a well-earned rest



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