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Belgium sets world record toilet queue

If you've ever pondered how many hours of your life are wasted standing cross-legged in a queue for the toilet, you might empathise with this. A world record for the longest toilet queue was set on Sunday, when 756 people lined up to visit a latrine in central Brussels.
Belgium sets world record toilet queue
The record breaking queue: you call that a queue? That's not a proper queue, that's just an inchoate mob, why can't people queue properly aaarggh grblblb fnngngngn feel my impotent English rage

And after all that, it wasn't even a real toilet. Nightmare.

The event was organised by the United Nations' children's agency UNICEF, to raise awareness for the need for clean water on World Water Day.

Belgium sets world record toilet queue

Each participant a wristband with his or her number in the line and T-shirt certifying participation in the event. They did not, however, actually get to relieve themselves, as the toilet was a fake - although based on the same design UNICEF uses in third world countries.

UNICEF spokesman Benoit Melebeck said: 'The Guinness Book of Records told us we needed to get at least 500 people in the queue to get the record.'

Melebeck said the event was to raise public awareness and eventually funds for the need for more pumps, wells, latrines, and hygiene education for children in third world countries.

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