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Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air

Real-life Spider Man Jyothi Raj seems to be glued to the wall with his amazing ability to stick to a vertical surface upside down.

The former construction worker is frequently compared to the comic book superhero by tourists to India's Chitradurga Fort, where he regularly performs.
Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air
No sign of a safety harness: Jyothi Raj, 22, dangles himself at a 90-degree angle from the Chitradurga Fort

Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air
The strength it must take for Jyothi to hold himself in position is mind-boggling as tourists look on
Jyothi, 22, who lives in the south state of Karnataka, discovered his incredible climbing ability four years ago while scaling bamboo scaffolding widely used in the sub-continent.

He claimed he feels no fear as he reaches heights of up to 300ft without using a harness.

Jyoti's dazzling agility, which he taught himself after watching monkeys climb trees, has been enhanced after watching stunts from his favourite films.
Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air
Look, no hands: Jyothi dangles upside down above a group of stupefied schoolchildren
Jyothi claimed his ability to place his hands and feet exactly where they should go shows he was born to climb

He even copies some of Spider Man's best moves, hanging upside down and jutting out at a 90-degree angle to gasps of amazement from the crowd below.

Jyothi claimed he has never used any safety equipment in his climbing, preferring to hone the climbing skills he developed on the notoriously dangerous building sites of India.

'I discovered my ability to climb in this manner working on the bamboo scaffolding when I started as a construction worker,' he said.

'I could climb at an incredible rate without fear.
Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air
Jyothi resembles a spider as he scurries down the face of the fort - to the amazement of one tourist

'I began to climb for fun at the weekends and came to the famous fort here at Chitradurga to entertain the crowds, especially on Sundays.

'I love to see their faces when I position myself upside down and hear them holding their breath for my safety.'

Having climbed the walls and rock faces in and around the fort complex, Jyothi is itching to test himself and become recognised as the world's best climber.

'These climbs go up to 300ft. They are physically testing and dangerous, but I want to move on and climb buildings and mountains,' he said.

'I want to be like Alain Robert (the famous French free-climber) and prove my climbing ability to the world.'

Convinced that his climbing ability is a gift from the gods, Jyothi said in four years he has never had an accident.

'My ability to see the foothold that others can't is proof to me that I was born to climb,' he said.

'My strength and hand speed are the tools that set me apart from other climbers.'

Jyothi trains every day to improve his upper body strength and uses yoga to maintain his flexibility.

He has become a fixture at Chitradurga and now teaches others how to climb.

'I have a few good friends who I climb with on a regular basis,' he said. 'They of course use safety harnesses, they do not have my ability to move fast or grasp the rock face.

'They are my best friends so I would never let them copy me. It is too dangerous.'

Unmarried, Jyothi said that his family are tolerant of his climbing, believing that he is in full control at all times.
Real life Spider Man fearlessly from 30ft in the air


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