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Wheelchair teen in record-breaking backflip

Wheelchair teen in record-breaking
Freewheeling: But get it wrong and your head’s going to hurt...

Performing incredible stunts comes so easily to Aaron 'Wheels' Fotheringham he can claim world records sitting down.

The fearless teenager has flown into the Guinness World Records Book by bec­oming the first person to pull off a backflip in a wheelchair.

'It feels awesome to have the record,' said Aaron after completing the trick in Nevada.

Everyone thinks “oh, you're disabled, that's such a terrible thing”, but I think it's positive. It's like being able to carry your skateboard everywhere with you,' he added.

'People don't realise how much can be done in a chair.'
Wheelchair teen in record-breaking
Axle to grind: Aaron does a smooth hand plant

The spina bifida sufferer has used a wheelchair since he was three and began trying stunts aged nine when elder brother Brian suggested he have a go at their Las Vegas skate park.

The 16-year-old, who uses an adapted wheelchair with a 'grind bar' for rail stunts, has gone on to inv­ent 'hardcore sitting' and tours the world performing stunts taken from skateboard and BMX bike tricks.

Something of a cult hero, he is now teaching a four-year-old called Zachary how to go for a hair-raising ride.
Wheelchair teen in record-breaking
Aaron BMX rider a run for his money

Aaron says he first performed a backflip in 2006 but only gained the official record last month. Now he wants to make his record of six back flips in a row an official one.

'I'm going to nail that sometime in the future,' Aaron said.


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