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Horrific moment wild horse hit by car

This is the horrifying moment a wild horse collided with a rally car, causing the animal to be catapulted nearly 30 feet into the air.

Video of the crash, which happened during the Argentine Rally in South America, yesterday, reveals driver Federico Villagra slamming his Mitsubishi Evo straight into the horse.

The animal, which had wandered onto the dirt track, was seriously injured and had to be put down.
Horrific moment wild horse hit by car
Horror: The horse was sent flying after it collided with a rally car in Argentina yesterday

Two other horses narrowly avoided striking the car.

Despite the crash, Villagra not only escaped injury, but the incident only cost him 30 seconds of time during the race, according to the Los Andes newspaper in Argentina.

Villagra said: ‘I was surprised that some horses crossed. It hit the windscreen and flew over the car.’
Watch the video here:


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