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internet star using her bra as a handbag

A 20-year-old busty American has become a hit on the internet - by filming herself using her bra to carry items other than her ample cleavage.

More than a million web surfers have logged on to see how cheeky student Winter Pierzina smuggles car keys, a mobile phone, camera, lipstick and even mace spray for attacking assailants into her underwear.

Pierzina then proceeds to remove lipstick, car keys, mace, and a cell phone from her bra.
internet star using her bra as a handbag
Winter Pierzina: Using her bra as a handbag has made her an internet star

She has posted two videos on You Tube and surprises viewers by pulling out the items - including a wrench, scissors and a claw hammer.

During one of the films she said: 'I just wanted to share with you how amazing it is to have big boobs, because the bra doubles as a purse.'

She is said to have come up with the idea for the videos when her friends said they had no pockets or purses to carry their accessories.
internet star using her bra as a handbag
Surprise: Winter Pierzina pulls out a deodorant from her bra

She told NBC Chicago: 'I just told them to give me anything they wanted to take into the party and before I knew it I had three sets of keys, three tubes of lipgloss, three cell phones.'

'We sat there for like five minutes rearranging things until it looked like absolutely nothing was in there.'


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