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Nileen Namita Modern Queen Nefertiti

Nileen Namita
Changing face: Nileen aged 22 before she had surgery

Nileen Namita
41 during one of 51 cosmetic procedures

Her transformation began more than 20 years ago after she decided that in a past life she had lived as Queen Nefertiti.

During that time Nileen Namita has spent £200,000 on her face in order to turn herself into a living sculpture of the ancient Egyptian.

The mother of three has had 51 cosmetic surgery operations - including eight nose jobs, three chin implants, one eyebrow lift, three facelifts, six mini facelifts, two lip surgeries, five eye surgeries and 20 minor tweaks - in her efforts to recreate herself in the image of the 'Beauty of the Nile'.
Nileen Namita
Dreams of Egypt: Nileen Namita is planning even more cosmetic surgery after 51 operations to make herself look like Queen Nefertiti

Miss Namita, a 49-year-old artist from Brighton, says her quest for perfection isn't over yet and plans further surgery, describing her face as a 'work in progress'.

She began her transformation in 1987 after deciding that in a past life she had lived as Nefertiti.

She said: 'Throughout my childhood and teen years I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen.

'They were visions of incredible intensity - I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate - and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant.

'Aged 23 I underwent psychoanalysis with a counsellor. Slowly I began to realise that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.
Nileen Namita
Regal pose: Namita as Queen Nefertiti. She began her transformation in 1987 after deciding she was the Egyptian beauty in a past life

'A few weeks later I saw a picture of Nefertiti for the first time and I was struck by how familiar it was.

'I know some people will find it hard to understand why I have put myself through so much surgery, but by then the visions had become even more powerful, I decided to remodel my face so I looked like a modern version of Nefertiti.

It was a way of allowing that part of my personality to show itself.'

Miss Namita, who single but has been married and divorced twice, began by remodelling her nose.

Since then she says she has spent all her spare money on her face.

She said: 'I am fortunate in that I have good genes. I don't have any cellulite and have never had to diet but because I didn't want to look unnatural with an older body and a younger face, I do eat very healthily.

'No one believes I am almost 50 years old and have had three children because my body and face look as through I am only 25.

'Now when I go out, I gain attention from men much younger than me - often they are in their twenties - because I look so youthful.

'I am sure some people will disapprove of me having so many operations but I believe my look is ageless and timeless. Seeing myself looking so much younger makes me feel young and energetic.'

Miss Namita, who has yet to visit Egypt but is writing a book about her life as a modern Nefertiti, says her three children aged 30, 25 and 15 approve of her appearance.

'My youngest daughter, who still lives with me, is very proud to have such a youthful looking mother,' she said.

Miss Namita is now planning her next operations.

'I would like my lips to be made a little finer and plan to have some more surgery on my nose to even out my nostrils,' she said.
Nileen Namita Modern Queen Nefertiti


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