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unluckiest wedding couple

Kenneth and Karen Porter could be Britain's unluckiest bride and groom – almost every company involved in their wedding celebration went bust before their big day.
Kenneth and Karen Porter
Kenneth and Karen Porter unluckiest wedding couple

The couple, from Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, suffered a string of disappointments as an airline, hotel and dressmakers, which they had booked with, went into administration.

The series of blows left them hundreds of pounds out of pocket and fearing that their marriage would be jinxed.

However, after tying the knot in Durham earlier this month, the couple have enjoyed better luck and enjoyed fine weather on their honeymoon.

Their chain of misfortune began when XL Airways and a hotel firm that had booked their week-long honeymoon to the Greek island of Kefalonia, collapsed in September last year.

Their deposit was returned and they were able to book an alternative trip to Parga, on the Greek mainland, however, soon after, a shop from which they had ordered three bridesmaids' dresses went into liquidation, costing them their £154 deposit.

Further heartache followed when the hotel booked for their wedding reception went into administration and was unable to guarantee it could host the event.

Fearing that luck would not be on their side, they opted to sacrifice their £300 deposit and re-book the reception at Durham's Radisson SAS Hotel.

Their woes were compounded further when Karen, an audit manager for Orange, the mobile phone operator, had to undergo a foot operation which forced them to cancel a trip to see their favourite band Oasis in Manchester.

When she had recovered, and the couple were looking forward to seeing Michael Jackson play at London's O2 Arena, the star died.

Mrs Porter, 43, said: "We had been planning the wedding for more than a year. But it was one thing after another. It's been a really hard year.

"Everybody who has dealt with us has had bad luck. It's been a nightmare."

Referring to her operation, she added: "They removed a bone from my left foot and I couldn't get my shoes on until about three weeks before the wedding. I thought I might have to wear slippers for the wedding."

Mr Porter, 56, a site manager for North Yorkshire County Council, and his bride were married at Durham Register Office on August 15 and have since enjoyed better luck as husband and wife.

Mrs Porter said: "The wedding was absolutely fabulous. I couldn't fault it at all and the honeymoon was brilliant. We had good weather all week. It was great."
Kenneth and Karen Porter


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