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urban freerunning Championship

London's Trafalgar Square was invaded by competitors all hoping to jump, run and flip their way to victory in the World Freerun Championship.

Twenty-seven freerunners from 17 countries battled it out on a specially-designed course, using bars, boxes and poles to dazzle a 7,500-strong crowd.

Great Britain's Tim Sheiff was crowned winner of this year's tournament after wowing judges with his gravity-defying moves.

Freerunning, also known as parkour, began in Paris in the 80s and involves climbing, jumping, vaults, spins, flips and somersaults using an urban environment.
urban freerunning Championship

urban freerunning Championship
Is it a bird? A plane? Freerunners performed gravity-defying moves for the ultimate urban crown

It achieved international fame when it was used in the opening sequence of the remake of James Bond film Casino Royale.

Among the competitors was the 2008 Barclaycard World Freerun Champion, Gabriel 'Jaywalker' Nunez from El Paso, United States, who took on Britons Paul 'Blue Devil' Joseph, George 'G-Force' Mayfield and Tim 'Livewire' Shieff.

Each athlete performed his own chosen music track and had 60 seconds to impress a panel of judges. They were assessed on technical difficulty, execution, creativity and fluidity.
urban freerunning Championship

urban freerunning Championship
Tim Shieff from Derby showcased his strength, which ultimately earned himself first place

urban freerunning Championship
Joseph, 27, from Redditch, West Midlands, has been freerunning for six years and said he entered the competition to show he could 'shine under pressure'.

He was cheered on by his young cousins, who had all painted their faces blue to honour his nickname. He said: 'My ultimate goal is to be the best I can be.'

Also popular with the crowds was 21-year-old Shieff, from Derby, who came second in the competition last year.

urban freerunning Championship
Champion: Britain's Tim Shieff is the new 2009 World Freerun Champion after coming second last year

Wearing a fluorescent yellow T-shirt to dazzle his admirers, he said: 'It was absolutely amazing to be in front of my British fans.'

The crowd was also treated to a performance by Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity.

Dance group leader Ashley Banjo said: 'How much talent do these guys have? It's just unbelievable.'


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