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Bizarre Half Goat baby born in Africa

A bizarre creature has been born in Zimbabwe which looks like a human-goat hybrid!
Bizarre Half Goat baby born in Africa
Bizarre creature Half Goat baby born in Africa

Experts are puzzled by the reports and photos published in African newspapers.

The creature, which died just a few hours after birth, had a huge head and a face that resembled a severely disfigured baby. The neck and shoulders were much like a a small human, but it had goat legs and a tail.

Residents of the village of Maboleni, where a goat gave birth to the creature, burnt the corspe in an attempt to rid the town of a curse.

A belief in ghosts is still alive and well in the region and the creature was taken as a sign of evil – perhaps even witchcraft.

But local Governor Jason Machaya (56) is sure, that it was a half-man, half-goat hybrid which was the result of bestiality: "A grown man was responsible for this."

Doctors, however say that it would be a biological impossibility.

No vet did not have a chance to investigate the mysterious creature, but based on photos he concluded the kid was suffering from hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain.

The condition would have accounted for the abnormally large skull and for the chin, nose, ears and other body parts having shifted during development.
Bizarre Half Goat baby born in Africa

Bizarre Half Goat baby born in Africa


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