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Gordon Street made from 5,000 Lego brick

It's a familiar scene at the heart of Government – the Prime Minister confronting a battery of cameramen and reporters outside No10.

A policeman looks on while aides monitor the event and tourists peep through the famous reinforced security gates, installed in 1989.

But this Gordon Brown is particularly square-jawed and stiff-limbed, stands just three-and-a-half inches tall and, like the rest of the figures, is made entirely of Lego bricks.
Gordon Street made from 5k Lego bricks
Lego life: 1. The Press pack; 2. real children looking on; 3. reinforced security gates; 4. the PM's aides; 5. a police guard; 6. Gordon Brown; 7. plain-clothes protection officers; 8. the door of No10; 9. a real building at Legoland

The miniature Downing Street is a star feature in Legoland Windsor’s version of Whitehall. The scene was painstakingly developed, right down to Mr Brown – made of 40 bricks.

Legoland said its model-makers went to great trouble to perfect ‘the Brown quiff’, using special Lego bricks. But Downing Street has been built the wrong way round – with the door of No10 on the right of this picture. In real life it would be on the left.

And there are signs that the Lego Premier’s days may be numbered. A van marked ‘Brown’s Removals’ stands waiting at the rear of No10, suggesting he is moving out.
Gordon Street made from 5k Lego bricks
A Lego model of Gordon Brown standing outside 10 Downing Street even has its hair styled into a specially-made quiff

Legoland said the van had first arrived in 2007 when Mr Brown took over from Tony Blair. It was accompanied by a model of Cherie Blair being carried out on a sofa.

But the van has remained ever since by popular demand.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Families enjoy the scene so we’ve kept the van waiting with the engine running.’ People could interpret that how they wanted, she joked.
Gordon Street made from 5k Lego bricks
Art imitating life: As in real life, Mr Brown steps outside No.10 to face a wall of photographers

Gordon Street made from 5k Lego bricks
The shape of things to come? A model of a removal van waits at the rear of 10 Downing Street

The mini Whitehall, built on a one-to-50 scale, is made up of 5,000 Lego bricks and took one man almost 100 hours to build.

The Lego re-creation of London in the Miniland section of the park consists of 13million bricks.

It also includes the House of Parliament and Big Ben.
Gordon Street made from 5k Lego bricks
Little Ben: The model of the Houses of Parliament with a figure of Guy Fawkes and barrels of gunpowder


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