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Jason creates sculptures with balloons

With their alien-like appearance and giant size these balloon sculptures might be a bit scary for a children's party.

But after painstakingly constructing each one over three days artist Jason Hackenwerth probably doesn't want kids playing with them anyway.

The extraordinary figures which look like monsters from the depths of the ocean or creatures from another planet are in fact highly complex sculptures made of nothing but thousands of common party balloons.
Jason creates sculptures with balloons
Bizarre: This strange-looking sculpture made from hundreds of party balloons is called Alien Rainforest

Jason, from New York, inflates them all before twisting them together to form the shapes.

Some of his creepy creatures are so big that Jason said he has to 'wrestle' the balloons into place.

The largest sculpture he has made was over 40ft long.

The American goes through so many balloons that he has to buy them in bulk, ordering 5,000 at a time.
Jason creates sculptures with balloons
Ballooning mad: Two of Jason's bizarre looking sculptures by the sea which could be their natural home

The 39-year-old started using balloons for his art after becoming skilled in using them as a street performer during his university years.

He said: 'I wouldn't say I set out to make underwater creatures but that's what people seem to see in them most often.

'I spend lots of time sketching and planning the sculptures I make. The ideas come from all over.
Jason creates sculptures with balloons
Strange: This sculpture called 'Venus In The Forest' shows a woman wearing one of the huge sculptures

'Actually building the sculptures is very difficult and labour intensive work. I sometimes use thousands of balloons.'

Once built Jason takes his sculptures to beaches and forest and photographs them.

He added: 'I repeat the form and add more inner structure and pull the shape in or out. There's a kinship between this and the process of the shells sea creatures form.'
Jason creates sculptures with balloons
Scary: This creepy creation was named 'Cyclops' by Jason


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