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Kang Mengru found parasitic twin inside

Mengru Kang, 1 year pregnant girl with her twin brother

Shocking event for Chinese medicine, which found that only a year a girl is pregnant,

Mengru Kang was taken to hospital after unexplained stomach was swollen much.After ultrasound, the doctors found amazed that the girl has a baby in the womb, the child's twin brother.Doctors say that the embryo was not caught in the womb and has found another place to grow.

Little will undergo a Cesarean delivery will suffer.This unusual phenomenon, very rarely is numneste "fetus in fetus" and can be met once every 500,000 pregnancies.
Kang Mengru
STUNNED doctors have discovered a one-year-old girl is carrying a BABY in her tummy.

Little Kang Mengru, from China, left medics baffled after her belly became enlarged.

Doctors carried out a CT scan to discover the cause of the growth and found a foetus inside her.

They believe the tot is her parasitic twin.

She is now waiting for an operation to have the tiny baby removed.
Kang Mengru

Kang Mengru

Kang Mengru


  1. Anonymous
    9:30 PM

    holy sh....

  2. Anonymous
    9:14 AM

    poor kid ! :O
    I hope she lives trough the birth!

  3. Oh my God!!!

  4. Anonymous
    9:29 PM


  5. Anonymous
    7:56 AM

    have mercy

  6. Anonymous
    5:59 PM

    o my fucking god poor baby i know she isnt going to make it thru that aganising pain

  7. Anonymous
    2:15 AM

    You people must be dumb if you reallt think their gnna let her give birth.

  8. Anonymous
    1:46 PM

    this is fucking sick people!!! what the hell were they thinking!

  9. Anonymous
    5:59 PM

    you have to read carefully
    they said they believe its her PARASITIC TWIN!!!
    no one did anything to make her pregnant!

  10. Anonymous
    9:51 AM

    "Little Kang Mengru,.......will undergo a Cesarean delivery.....She is now waiting for an operation to have the tiny baby removed."

  11. Anonymous
    11:41 PM

    omg she will die for sure

  12. Anonymous
    9:40 PM

    WTF?!?! A poor baby? man her fuckin parents should be arrestd.

  13. Anonymous
    10:48 AM

    Yall need to shut the hell up. No one fucked her to get her pregnant. Why the hell would her parents get arrested for?? They did nothing wrong. It was a freak accident!!

  14. Anonymous
    2:54 PM

    what happened whith the baby inside the girl???

  15. Anonymous
    4:11 AM

    omg wtffff wow .....i am ..idk no words.

  16. people need to take a biology class. most americans don't know how babies are made

  17. leigh
    8:57 PM

    Bahaha @ chong lor!
    N people are fucking stupid...why don't u actually try reading the article instead of just looking at the pictures..

  18. Anonymous
    9:16 PM

    That is nuts I really don't think it is really but still wow

  19. ModernDayPhilosopher
    9:23 PM

    ......fake....totally fake. If this was real it would've been everywhere by now. Because as human beings we all pay attention to freaks, people with abnormalities, even as little kids we all pointed at the handicapped person in the store even today we stare at them.

  20. Anonymous
    7:55 AM

    Poor baby :(. That's just awful that she's gotta go through losing her brother and possibly losing her life as well :(.

  21. Anthony J P
    4:56 AM

    @Chong Lor Shut the fuck up. Talking shit about american's not taking a biology class is out of the question, the idiots who "can't read"
    have nothing to do with Biology.
    And to all the ones saying the parents need to get arrested for it.
    no they don't, but you need to get arrested for being a dumb ass.
    The Kid Inside her: Is her twin brother. due to a freak accident during
    there developments. from conception.

    and also

    Science is fucking stupid.
    so is math.

    1 + 1 = 3

    Tell me i am wrong and ill show you how i am right.

  22. Anonymous
    5:08 PM

    This is a waste of cyberspace. It is impossible that the fetus inside this child is her twin brother. There has been at least 21 months since the fertilization of a fraternal twin in the pregnancy that resulted in the little girl's birth. The complications that occur after 40 weeks of pregancy would have resulted in the death of any embryo inside the little girl not to mention the stress on her body of her own birth. She would have micarried during her birth. This whole thing is nonsense, and the fact that I'm sitting here typing this may indicate my own insanity. Oh well. I have spoken my peace.

  23. Anonymous
    2:32 PM

    What happened to her and her brother it's been 2years now

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