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Rohan ajit limbo skating world record

Rohan sets limbo skating world record
Doing the splits while leaning forward and totally blind, this is nine-year-old Rohan Ajit Kokane - the new world champion at limbo-skating under cars.

These amazing pictures show how the youngster is incredibly no more than eight inches above the ground, his head and body skimming across the tarmac.

Shocked onlookers watch in awe as he vanishes under three vehicles and emerges triumphantly from the other side.
Rohan sets limbo skating world record
Under we go: A blindfolded Rohan Ajit Kokane limbo-skates under several cars in Belgaum, India today. In April he became the world limbo-skating champion after skating blindfolded beneath three cars

Gracefully sliding into the history books with his unparalleled feat, Rohan was presented with a badge and certificate by the World Records Academy.

He has now been nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records.

A student in the third grade at St. Xavier's high school in Belgaum, Karnataka, the daring schoolboy made his stunning attempt in nearby Hubli on April 3, 2009.

Rohan has also been nominated to Limca Book of Records and Record Holder Republic for limbo-skating under a bar only a chin-grazing 5.7 inches high while travelling forwards.

Another record saw him pass under a head-scraping 6.5 inches travelling backwards.
Rohan sets limbo skating world record
Going for broke: Rohan attempts to break his own record by skating underneath four cars in Belgaum today - though without a blindfold

Rohan started limbo-skating two-and-a-half years ago and now practices four hours every day to make sure he keeps taking his hobby to new heights.

Limbo-skating is the latest craze sweeping children in India.

'Today I passed blindfolded under three cars but in future I would try to pass under more cars,' Rohan said.

Rohan asked his struggling family to buy him a single skate to practice on after he fell in love with the hobby.

'A boy performed at a local roller skating rink at Belgaum. I got fascinated and asked my dad to get me one roller skate because that's all we could afford,' he said.
Rohan sets limbo skating world record
Rohan performing his stunts at a TATA motors show-room in Belgaum today

After developing his talent at home he took lessons from local skating coach Suryakant Hindelgelkar. The experienced trainer soon realised his student had a special talent.

'I train more than 200 students but seeing Rohan's body flexibility and control, I knew he could do something unique,' said Mr. Suryakant.

'We came up with limbo-skating blindfolded.

'He is an amazing student. I think he's God's gift.'

According to the coach Rohan only needs basic stretching to limber up. 'The rest of his flexibility is a gift from nature,' he added.
Rohan sets limbo skating world record
Rohan poses with his trophies and awards at his home in Belgaum today

And despite their initial concerns for his safety after he suffered a minor back injury, Rohan's parents were soon awe-struck by their son's incredible abilities on wheels.

'In the beginning we had a lot of fear but after seeing his skill and hard work we didn't fear anymore,' said dad Ajit Kokane.

Battling poverty, the parents hope to develop Rohan's incredible skills but said money is a huge barrier.

'With his abilities he could grow into a sport,' said Mr Kokane.

'I want him to compete in the Olympics and make his country proud but unfortunately I am unable to fulfil all his requirements.'

Unique Rohan has used his artful ability at local demonstrations raising awareness on child labour and Aids campaigns.


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