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World Gravy Wrestling Championships

Twenty-four contestants wrestled semi-naked in a pool of gravy in an attempt to become the winner of the third annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships
World Gravy Wrestling Championships
Zoe Cunliffe (right) and Kylie Elsworth
Food-fighting at the World Gravy Wrestling Championships

OVER 100 people gathered to watch a wrestling contest with a tasty twist today, as 24 competitors battled it out in the annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

The contest saw 16 men and eight women grapple in front of a judging panel in a bid to be named the best gravy wrestler.

The championships, in their third year, were staged at the Rose and Bowl pub in Stacksteads, Lancashire, and sponsored by Bisto, which provided 2,000 litres of out-of-date gravy - equivalent to 40,000 portions.

Carol Lowe, 37, landlady of the pub, said: "We normally have to make the gravy ourselves, which is a bit of a nightmare, but this year Bisto stepped in.

"All the proceeds are going to Lancashire Hospice, so it is just a nice day for everyone involved."

St John Ambulance volunteers were on standby in case any of the competitors got carried away, and the local fire brigade helped to hose off the sticky contestants once they left the gravy-filled paddling pool.

Amateur wrestlers travelled from Devon, Derby, Scarborough and Leicester to take part, in fancy dress ranging from a city broker to a frog, a geisha girl, a doctor and Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Last year's winner, Danny Carr, who fights under the name "Mad Dog", was there to defend his crown, after initially deciding not to take part.

The 23-year-old from Heywood said: "It was great to win last year and it was a very proud moment in my life.

"I wasn't going to take part this year, but I couldn't resist the chance to get back in the ring."

The event was part of the Pennine Lancashire's Festival of Food & Culture.

Emma Slater (top) and Sarah Healey
Emma Slater (top) and Sarah Healey take part

Competitor Emma Slater
Competitor Emma Slater after taking part

Jodie Elsworth (left) and Natalie Laurd
Jodie Elsworth (left) and Natalie Laurd take part

Brett Holt (top) and Adam Groom
Brett Holt (top) and Adam Groom take part

Brett Holt (left) and Adam Groom
Brett Holt (left) and Adam Groom take part


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