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98 Base Jumpers Plunge Malaysian Tower

Plummeting through the air off the top of a 421m tower is not everyone’s idea of fun, but for these base jumpers it was an experience of a lifetime.

Some 98 of the extreme sports enthusiasts took part in the 2009 International Tower jump in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, today.

The structure was built in 1995 for communication purposes and is currently the fifth tallest freestanding tower in the world.
98 Base Jumpers Plunge
Over the top: A base jumper flings himself off the 421m Kuala Lumpur tower in an annual event

98 Base Jumpers Plunge
Saved by the 'chute: A jumper floats down back to earth

Professionals from 18 countries gathered for the opportunity to hurl themselves into the sky before parachuting down to earth during the event.

Base jumping started in the 1980s after several sky jumpers modified their equipment for an increased thrill.
98 Base Jumpers Plunge
Nice knowing you: A jumper waves at his companion as they both take the plunge

98 Base Jumpers Plunge
Free falling: With their arms and legs spread these two jumpers are enjoying a pure rush of adrenalin

The sport involves wearing a parachute and jumping from fixed objects – with the word ‘base’ standing for the four categories of surfaces from which you can jump: buildings, antennas, spans (bridges) and earth (i.e. cliffs).

The first base jump in Malaysia was held in 1999 and the annual event continues to draw huge crowds and increasing numbers of participants.
98 Base Jumpers Plunge
Upside down: Sean Chuma, from Idaho, US, turns the sport on its head

98 Base Jumpers Plunge
From a great height: At 421m high, the International Tower in Kuala Lumpur is the fifth tallest freestanding tower in the world


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