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Amazing Trash Art by Bernard Pras

Amazing Trash sculptures Art by Bernard Pras

When you are standing near this sculptures it looks like a pile of trash.
But if you find the right angle and distance, then you can see the most amazing type of art - trash art.Bernard Pras makes his statues, using all kind of garbage he finds.

Bernard Pras is the son of Jacques Pras, Cyclist JarnacIn years 40 and 50. Raised partly by her grandmother who ran a grocery store and introduce the art, he studied mechanical short, he quickly abandoned to register for Fine Arts Poitiers then Toulouse. Graduated in 1974 from Fine Arts ToulouseBernard Pras became assistant teacher in various schools before resigning in Education. His artistic activity while moving toward the burning home Claude Manesse.

At the end of 1980After several years of doubt and research on the form, he began to find his own artistic voice in developing the principle ofAquagravureThen in 1994, performing installations and assemblages of heterogeneous objects to the manner ofArcimboldo, Whose overall composition is really not fit for the audience that through photography which recreates the image plane due by the artist. The first major exhibition held in 1998. This principle ofanamorphosis has been the theme of the artist, who tries to larger facilities and processed form ofInventories Various reinterpreting various known images of the history of art (Crucifixion, van Gogh, Francis Bacon...), And contemporary society (portraits ofAlbert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Mickey...).

In 2001, he directed the generic 26e Night Caesar on the request of the director Arnaud Vincent.

He lives and works near Paris, Montreuil.

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