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South Korea scraps sex trick laws

sex trick laws
Scrapped ... men won't be punished for marriage promise

OFFICIALS in South Korea have thrown out a half-century old law banning men from falsely promising marriage in return for sex.

The court said the code violated women's sexual freedom and that the law should not interfere in such matters.

The law had punished South Korean men who tricked their girlfriends into having sex with up to a two-year prison term or a fine of more than £2,000.

The barmy rule was scrapped following appeals made by two men who had recently been reprimanded.

A final verdict read: "The government should refrain from interfering in men's sexual activities of tempting women in an unharmful manner."

A court spokesman said the verdict meant the 56-year-old law was immediately abolished and that all men penalised under the law could be acquitted and receive state compensation.


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