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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2009

Heidi Klum shows up and absolutely stuns the crowd gathered at the Victoria's Secret 2009 Fashion Show, just five short weeks after giving birth! The show, which took place in New York Thursday night, will be broadcast nationwide Dec. 1 in high definition for the holiday lingerie and underwear shopping season and its usual bit of TV controversy.

The girls were lovely and as always the preview of the holiday tradition on CBS floods the webs with dazzling photos and video from the fashion models stripped down to their Victoria's Secret attire.

Philippa Bourke has a group picture of the models (Heidi Klum included) along with her thoughts on Klum's stunning return. ABC News has a report where they details they "caught up with four of the lingerie house's most bodacious beauties," and give them a close examination.

The beautiful women not only allow a "behind the scenes" look to the news network, but playfully answer some questions ranging from the worst pickup lines to their best secret talent. More video at the link along with catwalk pics of the lingerie clad beauties.



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