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World's biggest meatball Record

An American restaurant has set a new record after its chefs cooked up the world's largest meatball.

Owners of Nonni's Italian Eatery in New Hampshire created the mega-meatball, which weighed in at 222.5 pounds.

Matthew Mitnitsky, owner of Nonni's, said the giant ball of mince was authenticated as the largest on the planet after being weighed by officials from the state weights and measures department.

A Guinness Book of World Records official also confirmed it as a record breaker and presented Mr Mitnitsky with a plaque.

The old record of 198.6 pounds was set just over a month ago after Los Angeles-based talk show host Jimmy Kimmel vowed to beat a record set in Mexico. That record of 109 pounds was set in August.

A proud Mr Mitnitsky said he got involved "to bring the meatball back to the East Coast because that's where it originated."

Speaking before the record attempt he told local press: "You know me. I take something small and see what I can do to make it bigger.

"This all started when we were reviewing sales from our three restaurant locations. Our meatballs came out on top at every location. So I thought, let's create a family event around the meatball."

He insisted that the meatball, which took three days to cook, would be "totally edible".

To celebrate the achievement, the restaurant held a meatball eating contests and a childrens' meatball ladle run.


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