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drunk Man urinating Caught on CCTV

So drunk that he can barely stand, this inebriated man still manages to get behind the wheel of his car and drive away.

In shocking footage released by police today, the man can be seen drunkenly stumbling towards his car waving his arms jubilantly in the air, as if relieved to have finally found it.

He then shouts at the white Nissan, kisses it while leaning on the bonnet for support, before urinating on the front of the car.

CCTV footage: A drunk man returns to his car in Ely, Cambridgeshire, where he leans on the vehicle's front window for support

Jubilant: The unnamed man punches the air in celebration after finding his car

The next several minutes he spends fumbling with his keys before he finally manages to open his door.

After collapsing into the driver's seat he starts the engine and turns the lights on before pulling away and narrowly missing a parked car and a string of traffic cones in the road.

The unnamed man was so drunk he did not notice a police car arrive as he drove off, after CCTV operators alerted officers.

He carried on weaving down the street at around 15mph with officers in pursuit flashing their blue lights and sounding their siren.

He was eventually stopped and arrested for drink-driving. The 36-year-old was later banned from driving for 20months, given a referral order, fined £190 and ordered to pay £100 costs.

Public indecency: The man takes the opportunity to relieve himself in the road...

...before finally deciding the time is right to drive himself home

The incident occurred in March 2007 in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Officers have now released the footage as part of an anti-drink drive Christmas message.

Cambridgeshire Police have been called nearly 30,000 times by CCTV operators since the camera system was launched in 1997.

Pc Mark Arnold, who works closely with the operators to find footage of crimes for investigating officers and the courts, said: 'Last year we captured 800 of pieces of footage for investigations.

'Because we deal with so much footage, we have a detailed recording system for it.

'We don't just analyse CCTV footage, but footage for the air operations unit, traffic officers and voice recordings of 999 calls.'

Last year 10,000 motorists were stopped by Cambridgeshire police during their festive drink drive clampdown, of which 102 were arrested for drink-driving.

Narrowly missing the car in front, the man then slowly drives down the road

Game over: Alerted by CCTV operators, police stop and arrest the man. He is fined and banned from driving for 20months

Update:- View drunk Man urinating Caught on CCTV Video


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