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Montreal Potholes artists pictures

Potholes photography as You Have Never Imagined Them Before

Montreal artists Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano present “POTHOLES”. A photography exhibit featuring our renowned potholes, which showcases fourteen rural craters in a comedic and creative fashion. “POTHOLES” is a combination of imagination and our driver’s road nightmares.

potholes as the main theme in a photography project. they Are started imagining different scenes that take place in a pothole. For our first scene thought: “wouldn't it be funny if we saw a woman washing clothes in a pothole?” so we filled up our car with gallons of water, soap, dirty laundry and a clothes rack. We drove around in search of a nice pothole, unloaded the car and shot the “Laundry” scene. We then began scouting potholes and developing ideas for upcoming shots and through a series of guerrilla street-level photo shoots, turned craters all over Montreal into objects of fancy. In one shot, the pothole is a baker's cauldron in which doughnuts are frying. In another, it's a vessel for baptism. In yet another, it's a beer cooler, complete with hibachi and hot dogs. We took something looked upon as such a negative and we tried to put a positive, humorous spin to it.



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