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Mug Shots 2009

Most Memorable Mug Shots Of 2009

Best Mug Shots Of 2009‎ It’s my favorite time of year again. The time in which the dumbest criminals of the year get saluted via their place on one of the many “best mug shots of 2009″ lists. In this case, it’s Buzzfeed’s 30 most memorable mug shots of 2009. There are some great shots on here, including some excellent celebrity mug shots to be added to the list.

You’ve seen a couple of these guys around PopFi before. Remember the worst disguise ever? It made the top 30! They’re as big of a hit as the drunken cow woman was last year, and I imagine you’ll see them in a lot of mug shot roundups between now and the beginning of 2010. This has been a banner year for the dumbest criminals on record, I think. Every week, there was another moron trying to outdo last week’s idiot.



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