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naked woman Sushi model

naked woman Sushi model

Sushi was eaten off a naked woman model, in a scene straight out of Sex And The City, for the launch of a new Japanese restaurant at a hotel.

food was fantastic and I've never seen such a sexy table. Lawro was chatting to everyone then suddenly this stunning girl stripped off in front of him and climbed onto a table.

"He must have thought it was a streaker. His eyes went the size of footballs.

"Staff put about 10 or 11 different starters over her body for people to try but after having a good look he went to the bar."

Chopsticks flashed above me as they navigated the buffet, taking their dinner from my curves and crevices.

For an hour and a half I laid there, while the men surrounding me drank and ate and stared, and sometimes poked at my bare body. Toward the end, I had to dart my eyes across the ceiling to avoid falling asleep. I was that comfortable, or that wishful for escape. Naked Sushi Event Okawa Sushi & Grill

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