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Stunning Car Sex Positions - How Best You Can Enjoy Car Sex

Car sex is famous for wonderful sexual sensations. There is a lot you can do in the car leave alone kissing. It is every man's fantasy to break out the sexual boredom by getting out of the bedroom. The bedroom is the conventional place for the sexual activity but it kills a lot of romance. Why not try various stunning sex positions in the car? You will love it. If you have some experience with car sex, some car sex positions will enhance your automobiles sexual encounters. Let us start with the doggy dash car position. Tilt the passenger sit backwards and lie on it. Let your woman face the wind shield while sitting on you. The dashboard should help her control the movement as well as maintain her balance.

Among awesome car sex positions is back seat mission. There isn't much to this since the man takes the missionary position while the woman lies back. For added pleasure, the woman's legs are raised high up in such a way that the soles of her feet touch the ceiling of the car. Do not be shy, make her happy. Do you know of cruising oral? It is fantastic, its amazing. It is crazy sexy at its extreme form. When you are driving the car ensure that you put it in a controllable speed. Let her perform fellatio on you as you drive. Whatever you do do not lose yourself to the immense sensations. Remember that you are manning your damn car. If not carefully performed, cruising oral can cause an unfortunate accident. Stand warned.

Oral sex feels good but feels best in the car. While out for the car sex adventure, try out oral car sex positions like light house position. It is performed in such a way that the man stands on the driver's seat while the woman comfortably sits on the passenger seat. She then orally pleasures the man's manhood as he keeps on guard for any interference. Make sure you have a sun roof for better light house car sex position. Hood licker car sex position is for the people who are bolder than an acting porn star amid critical happy hour. The woman is placed on the car's hood where she offers all the sex treats to her man. When she is ready to take the man in, the man turns her over and penetrates her to his fill. The hands rest on the hood. You will both be so happy like dogs who are finally having their day.

If you want to ensure that you have really enjoyed your car sex, you must provide the best environment with the best mood for sex. Car sex positions can give you a good time but ensure that everything else is for the mood. Music is important. The sounds of the rhythm transcending into her ears can either break or make the car sex experience. The music beats in the car should be appealing to her ears. For safe experience ensure that the parking break is the way it is supposed to be; on. I am sure you do not want to end up in a ditch while naked. For even better results, ensure that your car is clean, and carry some baby wipes in case you want to wipe out the mess after your love making

Men tuning their cars to get new doses of adrenaline. In the light of a few lessons, which deliver more fun than skiing on the night city at a rate slightly higher than permissible. One of these pastimes is having sex in the car. We can not forget the fact that the beautiful and fast cars are the girls the most favorable way, increasing their desire to make love at times. Of course, the rear seat is still the most convenient place in the car, but in sports cars, it is often missing. We offer you the following options:

On the hood

Necking down

The most important thing to warn her friend that she is not stepping on the bumper. Body kits today are expensive.


If the street is cool, you can start the engine.


The pose is good, but without acrobatic skills are indispensable.

On top

Interesting pose, but stay on the bonnet will be difficult.


Not bad, it was like to have darker shading.

Being top

Favorite pose many drivers. The only downside is that since it is difficult to clean the ceiling from the traces of women's shoes.


It is desirable that the ceilings in the car were higher.


During the movement. Sitting on lap
Extremely dangerous position. The combination of zero review and a woman behind the wheel of a losing strategy.


Romantically of course, but be reasonable.

Oral sex on the move

Pose suitable for cars with automatic transmission.

Oral sex

Front and middle

Open door


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    8:19 AM

    any one ever did it in a diggy( the notch back)Its absolutely safe no one notices it and you can open from insode whenever you want just by pulling th elock cable

  2. Really such a nice information about car sex i have never seen this kind of sex like your blog and photos of it..

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