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Motorcycles Bikes stunts

Motorcycles Bikes stunts Riding pictures

motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider images. Common maneuvers in motorcycle stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Sport bikes have become a common vehicle for stunts.Pics

Common bikes stunts

Basic Wheelie — Lifting the front of the motorcycle off the ground by means of either power or use of clutching the bike into a wheelie. There are many variations of the basic wheelie, some of which wil be listed below.

Circle — A wheelie performed traveling entirely within a circle. "The Circle wheelie is the epitome of control on a motorcycle" -Matt Gorka (can also be combined with all other wheelie variations).

12 O'clock — Very high wheelie, past the normal balance point of the motorcycle.

High Chair — Wheelie with the rider's legs over the handlebars.

Tank Wheelie — Wheelie with the rider sitting on the tank with legs spread.

Coaster — A wheelie that is balanced without the acting force of the motor i.e. with the clutch pulled in. The Wheelie is so far back beyond the balance point of the wheelie that the rider must constantly ride the rear brake to keep the wheelie from falling over backwards, effectively slowing down. A rider can pull in the clutch to create the effect of a wheelie with no engine noise. Conversely some riders will pull in the clutch and peg the engine on its rev-limiter, called a "rev-limiter coaster"

Frog — Wheelie standing on tank during wheelie

Seat Stander — Wheelie standing on the seat of the motorcycle.

Ralph Loui — Circle Wheelie with the rider's Right foot on Left Peg.

Watch Tower — Standing on the windshield riding with the bike at 12'oclock.

Man-dom — Riding Wheelies with two men, possibly more.

* Bar tricks

Ape Hanger — Hanging from the bars with one's hands while doing a 12 O'clock, scraping the bike's 12 o'clock bar and allowing the riders feet to drag behind the bike.

Cliff Hanger — Hanging from the bars with one's feet while doing a 12 O'clock.

Stoppie — Lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle using momentum and braking force.

Biscuit Eater — Stoppie with the rider's legs over the handlebars.

Burnout — Using the power of the engine and braking force to cause the rear wheel to spin, heating the rear tire and producing smoke.

Suicide Burnout — Burnout with the rider dismounted and standing in front of the motorcycle.

Chainsaw — An extreme form of Burnout performed by the stunter standing beside a motorcycle laying on its side holding the motorcycle exclusively by the right handle bar. Then causing the bike to "orbit" around the rider while maintaining control during the burnout.

Merry-Go-Round Rider lays the bike on its side and climbs onto it. The rider then leans back on the bike while holding the throttle, causing the bike to spin round while doing a burnout.

Acrobatics- Kneeling On The Right Side Of The Bike, With The Bike Laying On The Ground And Feathering The Gas And Spinning Around On The Ground


Switchback — Any stunt performed with the body facing the rear of the motorcycle, opposite the direction of travel.

Christ — A stunt performed with the rider standing straight up on the seat or tank of the motorcycle with both arms extended while the bike is in motion. Also called a "Jesus Christ" or a "Cross". Can be combined with a switchback.

De activator — Riding a wheelie on idle and jumping off the back of the motorcycle.

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