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Female Orgasm and Stimulation Men

11 Secrets About Female Orgasm and Stimulation Men Need to Know

Here are 11 facts all men must know about female orgasms and satisfying a woman sexually:

1. Women can experience 2 different kinds of orgasms namely clitoral (the most common and the one most women are familiar with) and vaginal (less common).

2. A few women can’t orgasm at all.

3. The majority of women can only orgasm from having their clitoris stimulated manually, orally or with a vibrator.

4. Less than half of all women can have vaginal orgasms. They can learn with training and practice, but most don’t know how.

5. Since most women must have clitoral stimulation, they don’t climax during intercourse unless additional stimulation is provided to the clitoris.

6. For more than half of all women, their ability to orgasm has absolutely nothing to do with the size of a man’s penis.

7. For the women that can have vaginal orgasms, they generally have 2 kinds: the cul-de-sac orgasm or the G-spot orgasm. Most women who can have a cul-de-sac orgasm can also have G-spot orgasms. The cul-de-sac is located deeper inside up behind the cervix. While stimulation of the cul-de-sac can be pleasurable most women do not like the feel of the cervix being touched with a probing finger or bumped with a long penis. A 5 inch penis is usually long enough to reach the cul-de-sac depending on the woman.

8. The other vaginal orgasm comes by stimulating the G-spot. It is not really a spot but more of an area located a couple of inches along the front wall of the vagina. Depending on the woman the G-spot area can be as small as a pea or as large as silver dollar. The G-spot responds to firm pressure and gentle tapping. This can be a drawback because when the G-spot is stimulated she my feel she has to urinate. Stimulation of the G-spot often causes fluid to build up in the Skene’s glands or female prostrate. Many women are uncomfortable with the sensation of fluid build up and are afraid the fluid they release is urine. Numerous studies have confirmed the fluid or female ejaculate is not urine but is akin to prostrate fluid found in male ejaculate. And like a man’s, her ejaculation fluids can “squirt” out from the urethra during orgasm and is completely normal.

9. A man does not need a long penis to give a woman who is capable a vaginal orgasm. In most cases a 5 inch long penis is all that is required for a G-spot or cul-de-sac orgasm.

10. Girth or thickness is NOT a significant factor in satisfying a woman. While some women enjoy the “stretched like a water balloon” feeling, most women do not. To large a girth can cause pain during sex. Men of average or small girth may be concerned if they do not feel the vagina tight around their penis and the vagina feels too loose and does not provide enough stimulation. This situation is much more effectively remedied by the women strengthening her pelvic muscles than by a man trying to add girth which may be possible but the process takes months.Whereas a woman can strengthen and tighten her “grip” in just a few weeks. The stronger the pelvic muscles the stronger the orgasms and the tighter the “grip” during sex. The ezCOME (easy Clinical Orgasm Muscle Exerciser) is an excellent way for a woman to strengthen her PC and pelvic muscles. A man would be much better off purchasing an ezCOME for a woman that wasting money on questionable male enhancement products.Women with very strong pelvic muscles can easily orgasm vaginally just by flexing their muscles, with or without a penis inside. They can also flex their muscles around an inserted penis and give a man wonderful sensations. The point is a man’s penis size is not as important as a woman’s vaginal strength when it comes to a woman’s orgasm. It is the tapping sensation that triggers a vaginal orgasm and not the stretching and filling up sensation. Hitting the right spot in a tight and toned vagina is more important than size.

11. Real women generally need a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes of direct, consistent and skilled clitoral stimulation to have a clitoral orgasm. In porn the women are shown having multiple vaginal orgasms within moments of penetration. While such orgasmic abilities are possible, such women are rare, and the instant multiple orgasms portrayed in porn are pretended. In the real world women typically react very differently than the stylized porn queens. Also all the men in porn are huge and their size has nothing to do with the fake orgasms of their co stars. Remember they are actors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your size has anything to do with your woman’s orgasms.

Men sometimes find these female orgasm facts hard to believe. Men will get much more out of sex by focusing on their sex skills and her pelvic muscle tone rather than worrying about the size of his penis.