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G-Spot Make Crazy With Stimulation

How To Find The G-Spot – Make Her Crazy With G-Spot Stimulation

A lot of information has been written to teach a man how to find the g-spot. G-spot is not that hard to find at all. You just need to do the correct steps and talk to your girl during the exploration process to find it successfully.

First off, what is the g-spot? G-spot is nothing more than a small dime-to-quarter-sized bundle of sensitive nerves about two inches inside of the vaginal canal. Generally it is on the top.

To find it, you can insert your index or middle finger into her vulva with your palm facing upwards. Sometimes you must use your middle finger if her g-spot is located further up the front wall. Once your finger is inside her, make a “come here” motion with it and that should pretty much do it.

During the g-spot exploration process, remember to talk to your partner and have her guide you along. Once you have successfully located the g-spot, you need to stimulate it by applying consistent pressure on it. G-spot does not react to touches. If you want her to experience g-spot orgasm, you need to apply consistent pressure to it.

A woman can experience orgasm from just g-spot stimulation alone. But do you know that you can make her experience clitoral and g-spot orgasms at the same time? Trust me, having both types of orgasm at once is surely an amazing and earth-shattering experience for her.

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