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How to Give Women Multiple Orgasms

How to Give Women Multiple Orgasms Do These to Give Her Thunderous Waves of Fiery Hot Orgasms!

Men may find it very easy to get into the mood during sex and even easier to reach a climax. But for women it takes more time and effort. If you wish to amaze her when it comes to your sexual ability, you have to be able to meet her personal preferences and get her excited with your mysterious ways. What is promising though, is that when you do get her to that wonderful “sexual high”, she can keep that feeling and experience multiple climatic episodes. So cajole and satisfy her with these titillating ways…

Make The Prelude To Sex A Fun Escapade

Women are emotional creatures. Their bodies need a little help to bring up the lust and arousal needed for intercourse and orgasms. No woman can resist a very attentive man, especially one who knows his way around her mind and body. Did you know that the most active sex organ in her entire body is not her vagina but her mind? Feed it with the right words and you will be able to stimulate her mentally even before you get to touch any part of her. She will even yearn for your touch and kisses if your gift for words can make her visualize all those wonderful things you are going to do to her. She will totally lose her inhibitions when you start to caress her.

Savor Her Throughout The Whole Act

Seductive men are those who make women feel beautiful, desirable, comfortable, and loved. In order to do that, you have to savor her. So that means you have to take your time. Do not go to the main event quickly. Delay and make it an everlasting pleasure for her. Explore her body like it is a beautiful and delicate work of art that is uniquely hers. Make it a fun banter between you and her.

Flow With Her Natural Rhythm

Make sure that you are in rhythm with her when you are making your moves during intercourse. Do not perform movements and motions that suddenly start or stop out of nowhere. She will perceive you as being lacking in confidence in what you are doing or worse, see you as someone clumsy and unsure. Be self assured and believe in yourself. The more you can connect with her during sex (i.e. make her feel sexy and in sync with her emotions and rhythms), the greater the chance she can reach multiple sizzling hot orgasms.