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Pornstar Women infected 500 men (Aids)

A woman claiming to have Aids sparked mass panic with an internet video in which she claimed to have infected 500 men.

The video, posted on several websites, saw the woman with a scarf covering her face warning: ‘Your husband is going to have Aids. You're all going to die.’

It sparked a flood of calls to police who soon traced it to amateur porn star Jackie Braxton, 23, of Detroit.

Jackie Braxton, a married amateur porn star who has a five-year-old daughter, added insult to injury with a rude gesture in her blog post

‘All of it was false,’ she now admits. ‘I don't have Aids. I didn't infect anybody.’

Braxton, who is married and has a five-year-old daughter, says she made the hoax video ‘so people can pay more attention to the Aids virus’.

She insists police made her get tested for the virus and the results proved she is negative.

She later blogged about the episode - with a picture of her giving the finger to those she terrified. ‘You dumb a** people, I pulled an old fashioned “Gotcha, b**ch”,’ she wrote. ‘Think I give a f***? Ask the picture. Shame on you guys for falling for the dumb s**t smh (an acronym for ‘shaking my head’).’

Detroit Police do not know yet if criminal charges can be brought against her because they do not know if she has broken any laws. ‘We are 100 per cent positive it was a hoax,’ said Deputy Chief James Tolbert.

Richard Krisciunas, a former prosecutor for 28 years and current University of Detroit Mercy Law School professor, said Braxton exercised her free speech in creating the video.

‘I can't think of a crime,’ Krisciunas admitted. ‘I don't see a crime.’


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