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Russian Sauna (Banya)

Russian Sauna

Russian Sauna they go to places called Banya (баня) in Russian any kind of steam bath, but usually Russian type of sauna. In Bulgarian, banya (баня) usually refers to a bath and bathing. In Serbian, banja (бања) is used exclusively for a mineral water spa, as, for example, in spa resort names such as Vrnjačka Banja, Sokobanja.

which are in fact nothing more than saunas. As everybody cannot go to such places, one man got the idea to make a mobile ‘banya’. He made a little wooden house that he equipped to make a sauna and that he mounted on an old tractor. Now the villagers just have to call for the mobile sauna house to come to their place. We can’t stop progress.

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Construction interior of a typical Russian banya


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