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Skiing Witches of Belalp Hexe

Skiing Witches of Belalp Hexe

The Belalp Witch is an annually since 1983 on the Belalp in Canton Valais held popular downhill. Until 1996 the name was Belalp witches Departure used.

At the Belalp Witch different races are conducted using 1000-1500 participants. The most traditional and most important ski race, the people Witch-Downhill. It will run in several categories according to age and gender. There is also the category of "witch" to start where the skier dressed as witches. This is more of fun than the actual travel time in the foreground, and it may also be brought convivial breaks in the race. The Witch's groups are also evaluated by a jury after its occurrence and appearance. That Belalp Derby a Super GRace, which is organized by the Ski Club Belalp. The Young witch-Departure is a separate race for children. That Witch-Big Air Art is a step in snowboard and freeskiing.

Belalp Witch was one of the "Super Four", The four largest Volkskiabfahrten Switzerland. The other three were in the inferno MurrenIn the Allalin Departure Saas-Fee and shot at the White Flims-Laax, Where the latter is no longer held since 2008.

Race around the various activities and parties are organized. The largest are up to 3,000 partygoers on Friday and Saturday night Witches Night.



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