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Staggering illusions by Octavio Ocampo

Amazing optical Staggering illusions by Octavio Ocampo

Archive of optical illusions and weird illusions to challenge your mind. Many of these optical illusions can boggle anyone double picture illusion which results in different things for different people. an easy way to trick the human eye Take your time to enjoy all the optical illusions!

Octavio Ocampo was born on 28 February 1943 in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico Octavio Ocampo is one of Mexico's most prolific artists.

Ocampo is known for several works in his sometimes wryly sardonic, sometimes evocative paintings in which detailed images are intricately woven together to create larger images - the optical illusions fading back and stepping forward as you study the pieces, notice the details, and finally recognize the large scale intention. This is what Octavio Ocampo terms his "metamorphic" style.

The Visions Fine Art Gallery in Sedona, Arizona represents Octavio Ocampo in the United States.

Several collections in Mexico contains his work, and individual works have been made for President Jimmy Carter (commissioned by President Lopez Portillo and was presented as a gift from the United Mexican States), Jane Fonda, Cher (for the front and back covers of her "Heart of Stone" album), and Cesar Chavez.



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