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stupidest prison break ever

A defendant who fled a courtroom in the U.S. learnt a painful lesson when he tried to jump through the building's second floor window - only to to bounce off the bulletproof glass.

Travis Copeland, 19, looked dazed and quickly surrendered to officers after attempting to shoulder slam through the reinforced glass at the court.

CCTV footage captured the bungled attempted getaway at the Lake County courthouse in Illinois.

Big exit: Copeland takes a run-up at the glass

Impact: He dives towards freedom

Failure: The bulletproof glass repels the would-be escapee

Groggy: Copeland stumbles in circles after bouncing off the glass

Surrender: Copeland submits as an officer approaches

The suspect made a run for it after being told he was going to jail as he appeared in court for violating a bail condition.

But after sprinting down the corridor he attempted to recreate a Hollywood action scene by jumping head-first through the window.

The security footage showed the dopey defendant staggering back after hitting his head and shoulder before lying on the ground and surrendering to more than six officers as they approached with their guns drawn.

Back in custody: Officers swarm in to arrest Copeland


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