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Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in Australia

Vegemite Bikini Wrestling in Australia

Yesterday was the 222nd anniversary of the fine country of Australia, celebrated under the clever moniker Australia Day -- or Invasion Day, if you want to get all badass about it.

What do your favorite Foster's-guzzling, thong-footwear-wearing, Sydney Opera House–worshiping football hooligans do to quietly honor their maiden land? Why, they lather up a couple of bikini babes in Vegemite and sic 'em on each other, of course.

Vegemite, the only-an-Australian-could-stomach-it delectable, is described by Wikipedia as "a dark brown ... food paste made from yeast extract ... a spread for sandwiches, toast, crumpets and cracker biscuits, and filling for pastries such as Cheesymite scroll."

When you're done dry-heaving, click through for some high-quality snaps of the action from yesterday's fiesta.

That fiesta, by the way, honors the day the British invaded the white-man-free country at Sydney Harbor in 1788 and proclaimed Britain's sovereignty. But we really worship Jan. 26 because, by coincidence, it's also the day known as the beginning of the Rum Rebellion, which saw Australia's ruling government crushed by an armed uprising of Captain Morgan fanatics.

Oh, we also love 1/26 because of Doctor Pong's Pub Vegemite Bikini Wrestling, or whatever this madness is called. Vegemite. It's Australian for "hot sex."



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