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world currency pictures (banknotes)

Image gallery of thousands of banknotes world-wide collection(gallary). This is a list of current motifs on the Currency of different countries. The customary design of banknotes in most countries is a portrait of a notable citizen on the front (or obverse) and a different motif on the back (or reverse) - often something relating to that person. One exception to this is the euro banknotes, where non-existent architectural structures have been chosen to avoid the impression of a national bias. Even though most banknotes have more than one motif on each side, only the main motifs are described here. largest websites for a world bank note collector . Amazing

Argentina currency is the Argentine peso (ARS)

Australia currency of Australia is the Australian dollar (AUD)

Brazil currency of Brazil is the Brazilian real (BRL)

Canada currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar (CAD)

Colombia currency of Colombia is the Colombian peso (COP)

Croatia currency of Croatia is the Croatian kuna (HRK)

Czech Republic currency of Czech Republic is the Czech koruna (CZK)

Denmark currency of Denmark is the Danish krone (DKK)

Egypt currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound (EGP)

Estonia currency of Estonia is the Estonian kroon (EEK)

Eurozone countries currency is the euro (EUR)

Hungary currency of Hungary is the Hungarian forint (HUF)

Iceland currency of Iceland is the Icelandic króna (ISK)

India currency of India is the Indian rupee (INR)

Iran currency of Iran is the Iranian rial (IRR)

Japan currency of Japan is the Japanese yen (JPY)

Jersey currency of Jersey is the Jersey pound (JEP)

South Korea currency of South Korea is the South Korean Won (KRW)

Lithuania currency of Lithuania is the Lithuanian litas (LTL)

New Zealand currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Norway currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone (NOK)

Pakistan currency of Pakistan is the Pakistani rupee (PKR)

Paraguay currency of Paraguay is the Paraguayan guaraní (PYG)

Peru currency of Peru is the Peruvian nuevo sol (PEN)

Philippines currency of the Philippines is the Philippine peso (PHP)

Poland currency of Poland is the Polish złoty (PLN)

Romania currency of Romania is the Romanian leu (RON)

Russia currency of Russia is the Russian ruble (RUB)

Serbia currency of Serbia is the Serbian dinar (RSD)

South Africa currency of South Africa is the South African rand (ZAR)

Sweden currency of Sweden is the Swedish krona (SEK)

Switzerland currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF)

Turkey currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TRY)

Ukraine currency of Ukraine is the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

United Kingdom currency of UK is the £ Pound

England currency of England is the pound sterling (GBP)

United States currency of the United States is the United States dollar (USD)

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    Swedish banknote is an Icelandic one (SEÐLABANKI ÍSLANDS)

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