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Areas Stimulate female Orgasm Heaven

5 Areas To Stimulate And Send Her To Orgasm Heaven

There are a lot of erogenous zones that are highly sensitive and men always fail to stimulate them during lovemaking. A woman has other sensitive areas other than her lips and breasts. It is extremely important for you to know which areas are commonly neglected, so that you can be sure to stimulate them and give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm.

Let us now discuss what the 5 highly sensitive areas which you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on if you want to satisfy your girl during lovemaking:

1 Her Back. This area will include her spine, shoulder blades and her waist. A lot of men only spend a bit of time to stimulate her shoulder but that is not enough. Use the tip of your tongue to run through her spine and kiss her lower waist with passion. You can even provide her with a sensual back massage to help her relax her body, which is essential for a better lovemaking.

2 Her Breasts. Men are always fascinated by the breasts of a woman. When you are about to stimulate her breasts, be sure to leave out the nipples first. Spend some time using your hands to caress her breasts. Then, use your tongue to lick the surrounding of her nipples, without touching them. Once you see that she is getting more aroused, go for the nipples now.

3 Her Abdomen. After sucking and stimulating her breasts, you can now move lower to her abdomen. Her belly button will be extremely sensitive to stimulation. Use your tongue to lick it and kiss the surrounding of it. Control your pace and it will be better for you to go slow.

4 Her Inner Thighs. While you are kissing and licking her inner thighs, be sure to leave out her vulva for the moment. Let her imagine that you are so close to her vulva, but yet she has to wait a little longer for cunnilingus5

5 Her Vulva. The clitoris on her vulva is the most sensitive part of a human body as it consists of more than 8,000 nerve endings. Using the various cunnilingus techniques on her will absolutely send her to orgasm heaven.

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  1. Point number 4 is definitely a fav of mine. So much teasing and anticipation building can be done playing with her inner thighs!

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